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Hello! My name is Elizabeth Kissling. I am a senior Digital Media Innovation major at Texas State University. I am from San Antonio, Texas. I only recently transferred to Texas State University in 2018 from Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas. One of the main reasons why I transferred from Texas Tech was because there was nothing nearby. Literally nothing. Another reason was because I love water, and in Lubbock, there are no natural bodies of water. People probably shouldn't be living there... it isn't an environment suitable for sustaining human life. However, I do still have respect for the University itself, I personally just do not prefer the location. If you enjoy dry climate, high winds, dust storms, frigid winters, tumbleweeds, and seasonal depression, then I would absolutely recommend Lubbock, Texas.

In my freetime I am a freelance model, kickboxer, and stand-up comedian. I take my health and well-being very seriously. Despite my odd combination of hobbies, I am very shy and prefer to spend time with myself. My ideal Friday consists of getting in my pajamas with a hot tea and bingeing Love Island UK until I start to get annoyed with all the unnecessary drama that could've been easily avoided by engaging in simple face-to-face communication. Some may call me a psychopath because I am known to frequently curl up and watch horror movies by myself. My all-time favorites are both of The Conjuring films. My other interests are, of course, very random. I have a really cool rock collection, which I've made a separate page for (that's how cool it is). I also have a vast knowledge about sharks, which is very essential for living in Central Texas. I've made a separate page for pictures I've taken from beaches I've visited around the world!

On a more serious note, I am a huge advocate of prescribing psychotherapy before prescription medication to adolescents experiencing bouts of mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression-related disorders. I was dealt an unfortunate hand and was diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, or OCD, when I was 11 years old. It wasn't easy being the anxious kid in school, and because of my condition, I struggled with addiction, which only worsened when I went off to university. After losing multiple friends to drug use, I underwent an experimental treatment called a Ketamine infusion to ease my withdrawal symptoms and 'rewire' my brain pathways. Every day for a week I received an infusion of Ketamine, a controlled psychedelic, via an I.V. drip. I've been living mostly OCD symptom-free for about 9 months now, and completely sober too!

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Radiohead Love Island
The 1975 Peaky Blinders