About The Tattoo Tales Project:

The purpose of The Tattoo Tales project is to do what we all want to do whenever we see someone with a tattoo: ask them about it. Another goal of this project is to shed light on the life experiences of people that drive them to get tattoos, or just simply interview a person who got tattoos for the look of them. I interviewed two people about their tattoos below, and wrote about my own tattoos.

At the bottom of this page, I created 7 charts that the depict the responses from an anonymous online survey that I created. For 24 hours, the survey was available on Reddit for the tattoo subreddit community to contribute to at their own accord. Because people from all over the world use Reddit, and because I was limited to 101 responses on my survey, the sample size was far too small and random to pass as research. The results have been displayed merely because the responses are intriguing. Just keep in mind that while the survey was completed by real people, it holds absolutely no scientific value.


Behind the Tattoos


The intimate details behind the tattoos on Samuel French Award winner and Best Actor (Texas 5A UIL) winner, Bret Finholt.


The story behind the not-so-visible tattoos on Texas State University Alpha Xi Delta sister, Landrie Durham.


The story of a simple rib tattoo that carries with it, a positive reminder.

Out of 101 Tattooed People Surveyed

Disclaimer: This survey does NOT constitute as scientific research!

About the survey: I created a 7 question survey and posted it to the r/tattoos subredit for community members to complete voluntarily. The survey was completely anonymous and asked no personal questions. Because of the vast expanse of Redditers worldwide, I have no way of tracking where each response came from or if it was accurate and truthful. Overall, the responses are interesting to look at, and I hope my visitors feel the same.

The first question I asked was simply the gender that the person identified most with. Secondly, I asked how many tattoos they have. Third, I asked if their first tattoo was gotten primarily for the look of it or as a symbol of a deeper meaning. Fourth, I asked their age upon getting their first tattoo. Fifth, I asked them to check off all of the listed body parts/areas where they have tattoos. Sixth, I asked if they wanted more tattoos, which all but one person responded 'yes' to. Finally, I asked if they regretted or felt indifferent towards any of their tattoos.


Amount of Tattoos

Main Reason for Getting First Tattoo

Age Getting First Tattoo

Location of Tattoo(s)

Do you want more tattoos?

Do you regret any of your tattoos?